Has Nathan Fillion Lost Weight? ‘The Rookie’ Fans Want to Know


Other fans suspected that there might be a more deep-seated issue at stake, and that perhaps Nathan lost the weight due to sudden changes taking place in his personal life. Some hypothesized that his lankiness might be the outcome of too much stress. As a Twitter user wondered, “Just watched last night…loved the show, but I’m worried about your weight loss. Are you ok?” And, as another, worried fan put it, “Dang buddy, looking pretty trim.” 

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  1. r talenI have watched every episode of Rookie and also Castle. I know everyone wants to be thin but you were never fat. When a person looses weight so quickly it affects your face so that now you look ill. You are such a good looking man and the softness you had in your face is gone. Please reconsider putting some of the weight back on. Your before look made you stand out as a healthy man. I know you probably don’t agree with me but take it from a 75 yr “ole” lady. I know what I am talking about. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your talent.


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