Alcohol may interfere with weight loss


Researchers compared data on adult’s alcohol use, current weight status and whether they were trying to lose weight.

Women who participated in binge drinking were not only more likely to be obese, but were also more likely to be attempting weight loss.

Remember, alcohol impairs judgment, so if you go out to eat, trying to make healthy choices once you’ve had a cocktail – you might be inclined to go for a deep-fried appetizer instead of vegetables.

“Across the board, for people who are trying to lose some weight, cutting out empty calories – and often times, beverages are a big source of empty calories for folks – whether it’s soda, whether it’s juice, whether it’s sweet tea, or whether it’s beer, wine, and cocktails – any of those things add calories, but really without nutrition,” said Leslie Heinberg, Ph.D. with Cleveland Clinic.

Experts say alcohol has calories, and depending on what you’re drinking, the amount of calories could be excessive.

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