Clarksville weight loss program helps man lose 34lbs in less than 30 days


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (CLARKSVILLENOW) – A few months ago Sam, 48, would say he took care of his body but was looking for a solution to lose extra weight. After talking to Dr. Allen at Riverside Spine and Physical Medicine about the HCG Weight Loss Program, Sam decided to schedule a weight loss consultation.

During the consultation, Sam mentioned he was lacking energy and the extra weight he was carrying was putting pressure on his knees. He learned that the medically supervised HCG Program could benefit his health, ease his knee pain, and boost his energy levels.

After twenty-eight days on the HCG Weight Loss Program, Sam lost 34 pounds! Sam explains, “I feel great, plenty of energy and I’m lighter on my feet.” He continued to explain how Riverside Spine’s Weight Loss Program was able to help him get back on track and learn what foods he needed to fuel his body. After a month on the HCG Program, Sam said, “My activity level is very high!”

Though all patients may not look exactly like these after completing the program, the weight loss results of these patients ARE typical. Of course cannot be guaranteed.

When done under medical supervision, the HCG program is clearly the safest, most effective and successful weight loss program ever developed and will prove to be the answer for those who want to lose weight and feel better and anyone suffering from obesity. “Helping patients achieve their weight loss goals is an important aspect in the process of gaining their health back. We see much better results with our physical medicine, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments when a patient is able to lose the excess weight they have accumulated,” says Dr. David Allen.

Call Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine in Clarksville today at 931-542-9420 for a consultation and one of their health care specialist will be happy to answer any questions, issues, or concerns.

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