Kate Middleton diet shed lbs in 7 weeks


Meghan Markle recently welcomed her first royal baby into the world with Prince Harry. With the spotlight strong, can the Duchess outdo Kate Middleton’s success in restoring her pre-baby body?

Meghan Markle stepped into the royal spotlight from the moment that rumors began about Prince Harry dating the American actress.

And that spotlight has stayed strong, with Meghan’s wedding broadcast around the world, followed by the announcement that Meghan and Harry were expecting their first child.

Now that the royal baby has arrived, attention is turning to Markle’s figure. Can she equal or outdo Kate Middleton, who famously restored her pre-baby body in less than two months?

Meghan Markle post-baby body debate: Should Duchess be expected to lose pregnancy pounds as fast as Kate Middleton?

All eyes were on Markle when she stepped out to introduce her royal baby to the world.

Women cheered around the globe when they saw that unlike Kate Middleton, Meghan made no attempt to hide the fact that she has a post-pregnancy bump.

But the royal family has certain expectations. Kate famously emerged from the hospital looking as slim as ever, with her makeup and hair freshly done and her child in her arms.

Markle let Harry carry their baby, and her dress didn’t attempt to hide her bump, while her face clearly showed the lack of sleep.

However, now the scrutiny is on after Middleton succeeded in following a diet to shed her pregnancy pounds in just seven weeks, according to the Daily Mail.

How Kate Middleton lost weight so fast: Will Meghan Markle follow her lead?

An expert theorized to the publication that Kate had followed a healthy weight loss diet immediately after giving birth.

“Cutting down on all the things your body can crave after delivery is hard, we normally crave carbs and comfort foods, especially if breast feeding you will be looking for extra calories,” noted midwife Laura Spicer of The Women’s Health Clinic.

However, by ignoring those cravings and eating “health foods and balanced healthy dinners,” women can lose those post-pregnancy pounds more easily, said the expert.

However, we believe that Meghan Markle should ignore any pressure to lose weight quickly. Instead, let the Duchess cherish the excitement of her first baby and focus on health and happiness rather than any assumptions about following Kate Middleton’s lead.

What do you think about Meghan Markle showing her post-pregnancy baby bump? Do you think she should promptly go on a diet? Share your views in our comment section.

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